Case Study – Kate

Science, farming and foodies:

How this organic farmer has it all.

Organic Farmer. Environmental Scientist. Water Caretaker. Kate Strachan wears many hats, but it’s about wearing her heart on her sleeve when it comes to the natural environment around her hometown of ​Renmark​, 254 kms northeast of Adelaide in South Australia. For this family farmer, good food goes hand in hand with a strong passion for restoration of the local natural landscape.

Kate produces organic figs and grapes in her small family farming operation. She’s also taken advantage of opportunities to upgrade her water infrastructure, putting her scientific approach to work in order to grow more with less. Soil moisture sensors, and hose dripper lines allow for more targeted watering events, and Kate says new methods are saving a lot more water than even she anticipated.

In addition to more sustainable practices, ​environmental watering​ is high on the priority list for Kate. She has worked in partnership with the ​Renmark Irrigation Trust (RIT)​ and ​Nature Foundation South Australia​ in the course of an ​eWater​ project to rejuvenate a local waterhole on the flood plain. The newly established animal and plant life complement Kate’s own efforts towards native revegetation on her nearby land, as she pours her heart into her organic produce.

Kate believes it’s the heart and professionalism of the farming community that will keep top-quality, sustainable produce in our shops for generations of foodies to come. At Kate’s place the water is stretching further than ever before – but it’s personal as well. She’s passionate about her strong organic ethos, and producing quality food that’s backed by science, strategy, experience, and most of all, heart.