The National Irrigators’ Council today welcomed the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments announcement that environmental works at Lindsay Island in the Murray Sunset National Park will be investigated.

The CEO of the National Irrigators’ Council said whilst today’s announcement was light on details, the NIC has long argued that the proposed works at Lindsay Island could produce excellent environmental outcomes using less water more efficiently.

“Today’s announcement does not give any indication of how much water this project will save however we believe it should be substantial.”

“Nor does the announcement clarify which valley or State the savings will be credited, and we look forward to the business plan fleshing out more details,” he said.

“Works such as the Lindsay Island project are important not only because they do more with less water, they are also needed to help ensure the Commonwealth can actually deliver the water it has recovered to key environmental assets.

Mr Chesson said NIC is hoping that major announcements for an environmental works project for Menindee Lakes and the NSW Nimmie – Caira project are just around the corner.

Media Contact: Tom Chesson 0418 415597