The National Irrigators’ Council (NIC) has welcomed the new Ministry, sworn in today in a ceremony at Government House in Canberra.

NIC Chief Executive Officer Isaac Jeffrey said: “On behalf of the National Irrigators’ Council, I welcome the appointment of the new Ministers in the Albanese Federal Government. It is an incredible honour and privilege to serve the people of Australia and I
congratulate the Ministers on their new roles.

“In particular, I welcome the appointment of Tanya Plibersek to the vitally important role of Minister for Environment and Water. Water is the most precious of our natural resources and must be carefully managed to ensure balance is delivered to grow our food and fibre keep our rivers, wetlands and wildlife thriving, and to power local economies and regional jobs. My message to the Minister is please listen and bring people from across the water sector together to hear about the opportunities and challenges, but also the progress to date with National Water Reform and the Murray-Darling Basin Plan which must be celebrated.

“Murray Watt has been given the equally critical role of Minister for Agriculture. With a goal of growing the agriculture sector to over $100 billion in the coming years, there is work to be done on many fronts from labour to telecommunications, fuel security, supply chains and transport. These areas, among others, must be addressed as a matter of urgency for the agriculture sector to survive and grow.

“Chris Bowen takes on the challenging role of Minister for Climate Change and Energy, with Senator Jenny McAllister appointed Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy. There is hope the new Government will be able to finally put an end to the climate wars. NIC has endorsed the goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and wants to see responsible action on climate, however we caution that our responses must be equitably shared. We also support the transition of the energy market, but emphasise the need for energy to be affordable and reliable, and delivered on a secure network. Costs should be capped at eight cents per for electron and eight cents for network costs for agriculture to be internationally competitive.

“I congratulate Linda Burney and Senator Malarndirri McCarthy on their important appointments as Minister and Assistant Minister, respectively, for Indigenous Australians. NIC supports First Nations peoples rights to access cultural water and would like to see the $40 million committed by the previous Government rolled out as soon as possible. NIC welcomes ongoing engagement with First Nations communities and looks forward to working with the new Ministers.

“I want to again congratulate the Prime Minister and his new Ministry. In particular, I welcome the increased role of women in the Cabinet and Ministry. The Prime Minister said following his swearing in he wants to bring all Australians together and I warmly welcome these remarks. There are policy areas which are too important, too vital, to our nation to be political or to start a policy war, including water, energy, climate and Indigenous Affairs. We must have respectful debate where everyone is heard and their ideas
considered, and I look forward to the new Ministry embodying this noteworthy and ambitious goal.”

You can find out more about the NIC’s policy asks for the new government here:

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