NSW Confirms Buyback not the Answer.
The NSW Government release of their ‘Alternatives to Buybacks Plan’ as part of their
commitment to implement the Murray Darling Basin Plan has been welcomed by National
Irrigators Council CEO, Zara Lowien.

“It was a show of cards by NSW to reinforce their commitment to avoid buybacks”.

“The focus to maximizing sustainable diversion limit offset projects and prioritizing off farm
efficiencies, as well as addressing barriers to implementation of past projects to avoid
buybacks is seen a win-win for NSW and the Murray Darling Basin” she said.

Mrs. Lowien emphasised “whilst we welcome NSW plan, we do need to get moving on all the
alternative options and start funding the new proposals and any new ideas, not more
planning and studies”.

“We know there are win-win, no brainer projects sitting collecting dust on desks that just need
funding to get going”.

“Action is what is needed and from all the jurisdictions”.

“The shift away from a buyback strategy as seen last week from the Albanese Government
when they rejected more than 220 offers from farmers to sell their water, highlights the need
to focus on exploring these alternative projects.”

“Despite the offers from farmers, the Albanese Government fell short of their target
accepting only 33 offers for 26.25 gigalitres of water at a cost to tax-payers of $205 million

“We’ve said from the beginning, the Government cannot rely on buy backs from farmers
alone to finalize the Basin Plan.”

Mrs. Lowien stressed “the need for collaboration among all jurisdictions to ensure the
successful implementation of the Basin Plan without relying solely on buybacks from farmers.

“The recognition of this by NSW sets a precedent for other states to follow suit in finding
sustainable solutions for water management in the Murray Darling Basin” she said.