The National Irrigators’ Council (NIC) has welcomed the appointments made to the Executive and Board of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), and to the new Modernising Murray River Systems Technical Panel.

NIC Chief Executive Office Isaac Jeffrey said: “Minister Pitt has announced the appointment of Andrew McConville to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the MDBA. Mr McConville joins MDBA at an interesting time for water policy and river operations as we look to finalise the Basin Plan and prepare for the 2024 review.

“Mr McConville has a wealth of experience, including in the agriculture sector, and NIC looks forward to working with him into the future. We would also like to place on the record our thanks to Andrew Reynolds for his work as Acting CEO and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

“The Council welcomes the reappointment of Professor Stuart Bunn and the appointment of Dr Jane Doolan to the MDBA Board. Under the leadership of Sir Angus Houston, the MDBA Board provides vital guidance to the Authority, and Professor Bunn and Dr Doolan bring significant skills, knowledge and experience to the roles.

“NIC joins the Minister in thanking Dr Joanna Hewitt for her time on the MDBA Board and wishes her
well into the future.”

The Government has also announced the creation of the Modernising Murray River Systems Technical Panel and has appointed Dr John McVeigh as the Chair.

“The Panel will conduct a twelve-month review of the Southern Basin to find opportunities to build infrastructure which would increase water security and deliverability in the system,” Mr Jeffrey said.

“NIC has been calling for action on deliverability risks and conveyance losses, so we welcome the formation of this expert panel and stand ready to assist in their deliberations.

“We congratulate Dr McVeigh on his appointment to lead the panel, noting his significant experience as a former Minister for Regional Development in the Federal Government and former Minister for Agriculture in Queensland.

“Investment in the right infrastructure to enhance our water and food security is vital, as is the implementation and roll out of effective water policy and river management systems to ensure healthy rivers and communities. NIC looks forward to working with the Panel and MDBA to ensure the future of the productive sector is secure for local food and fibre producers, and for all Australians who rely on their produce.”

Media Contact: Isaac Jeffrey 0407 083 890