Many farmers are dreading a visit to the mail box with out of control electricity bills soon due to land on kitchen tables around the country.

The CEO of the National Irrigators’ Council, Tom Chesson said one of the biggest issues facing NIC Members was escalating electricity prices.”

“We need cheaper electricity. We need it now. It is as simple as that.

“The Politicians of all persuasions can support lower prices by voting to abolish the carbon tax in the Senate.

“The reality is that most farmers are now very worried. Worried about how they are going to pay their electricity bills. Electricity bills are now a major stress inducer.

“Every single Leader of the major Parties including the Greens has indicated that electricity prices are too high. They are right.

“When in Government the Labor Party claimed ‘electricity prices are too high by global standards’. We know. We are the ones paying the bills which have doubled.”

“The prices we receive for our products have certainly not doubled during that period.”

“Unsustainable electricity prices are forcing irrigators to switch off electric pumps. This in turn is leading to a massive slump in productivity.”

“Farmers are price takers who operate on low margins. A small increase in fixed costs can have a drastic impact on their profitability,” Mr Chesson said.

NIC believes cheaper electricity can happen now if the Labor Party supports abolishing the Carbon Tax.

Mr Chesson said if we are to transition from mining boom to dining boom and take advantage of the Asian century we have to be able to compete in the global market. We cannot compete when electricity prices are the highest in the world.”

“The time has come for Politicians to stop talking about high electricity prices and to vote in the Senate to do something about it,” Mr Chesson concluded.

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