The National Irrigators' Council

Irrigators perform the vital role of producing food and fibre for the nation and significant export income.  Irrigation produces goods to the value of about $9 billion per annum and is critical in providing essential foodstuffs such as milk, fruit, vegetables, rice, grains, sugar, nuts, meat and other commodities such as cotton.

While you may not realise it, chances are you eat, drink or wear something produced by irrigators every day.  The pictures on this website demonstrate just some of the food and fibre products that are produced by irrigators every year.

The National Irrigators' Council is the peak national body for irrigators in Australia, providing a policy and political voice for those who use water for commercial agricultural or horticultural purposes across the country.

The NIC aims to develop projects and policy to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of Australian irrigated agriculture and the security and reliability of water entitlements.

The National Irrigators' Council is funded by irrigators, for irrigators.