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Every Member undertakes to contribute an amount not exceeding $100.00 to the property of the Company in the event of it being wound up while that person is a Member or within one year afterwards.

“In making this application, we agree that we have read and understood and agree to be bound by the Constitution of the National Irrigators’ Council Limited which has been made available to us.”

“We acknowledge that we understand that acceptance of our application for membership will result in a share in the Company being issued to us and agree to be bound by the requirements of the Constitution and Corporations Act in this respect. We recognize that the NIC Ltd is a limited liability company.”

The Company is established with the following objective: To develop projects and policies to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of Australian irrigated agriculture and the security and reliability of water entitlements and to promote those projects and policies with a view to having them adopted or ratified by governments, statutory authorities and other groups and organisations.

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