National Irrigators’ Council




National Irrigators’ Council policy is determined by members and underpinned by our Guiding Principles and the objectives within our Strategic Plan. Key documents are progressed by the organisation through NIC’s sub-committees and ad hoc reference groups, following debate and resolution by members at three general meetings of Council throughout the year. These include policy and position statements, submissions to Government policy and inquiries and other initiatives


December 2019 – submission to ACCC on draft guidelines for the Prohibiting Energy Market Misconduct Act

December 2019 – NIC letter to Basin Water Ministers

December 2019 – submission to the review of the Water for the Environment Special Account

November 2019 – submission to ACCC water markets inquiry

September 2019 – Response to AEMC draft rule on Demand Response Mechanism

July 2019 – Senate Standing Committee on Environment inquiry into Murray Darling Basin commission of inquiry bill 2019

April 2019 – Submission to Senate Committee inquiry into Cotton Export Ban

April 2019 – Ag Energy Taskforce submission to AEMC on Stand Alone Power Systems

March 2019 – Ag Energy Taskforce submission to AEMC consideration of Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism

March 2019 – Response to the Productivity Commission five year review of the Basin Plan

March 2019 – submission to Senate Environment and Communications committee on Water Act (Purchase Limit Repeal) Bill 2019

December 2018 – Ag Energy Taskforce submission to ACCC monitoring of electricity supply

November 2018 – Murray Darling Basin Plan efficiency measures additional criteria discussion paper – submission to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

October 2018 – Regulated Australian Electricity Networks – Analysis of rate of return data published by the Australian Energy Regulator – Sapere Research Group

September 2018 – NIC comment on ACCC collective bargaining class exemption discussion paper

September 2018 – NIC response to draft Productivity Commission five year review of the Murray Darling Basin Plan

July 2018 – Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce research report Empowering irrigation consumers electricity purchase arrangements

July 2018 – Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce submission to ESB draft detailed design of the National Energy Guarantee

July 2018 – Ag Industries Energy Taskforce submission to COAG Energy Council NEG detailed design Commonwealth elements paper

June 2018 – Re. National and NSW Irrigators’ Council Submission to Fresh Food Pricing Inquriy

May 2018 – AER Rate Of Return Guideline Process

May 2018 – Submission to AER position paper on Profitability measures for network businesses

April 2018 – Productivity Commission’s five year review of the Murray Darling Basin Plan

April 2018 – House of Representatives Inquiry into the management and use of environmental water

April 2018 – South Australian Royal Commission Murray Darling Basin Plan

March 2018 – Agricultural Industries Energy Taskforce submission to the National Energy Guarantee design discussion paper

Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce AER Discussion paper Profitability measures for regulated gas and electricity network business

Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder Framework for Investing in Environmental Activities

Agricultural Industries Energy Taskforce submission to COAG Energy Council consultation paper on consumer resourcing

NIC comment on MDBA SDL adjustments assessment

NIC response to Productivity Commission Interim report on National Water Reform

National Irrigators Council submission to Senate Rural and Regional Affairs Committee

Agricultural Industries Energy Task Force submission to ACCC Inquiry into electricity

Agriculture Industries Energy Task Force Submission to House of Representatives Inquiry into Modernising the Electricity Grid

Productivity Commission Inquiry into National Water Reform

Submission to the House of Representatives’ Inquiry into water use efficiency in Australian agriculture

Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market (Finkel Review)

Northern Basin Review – Proposed Basin Plan amendments

Foreign Ownership of Water

COAG Energy Council: Limited Merits Review

ACCC Water Charge Rules – Draft Advice

Productivity Commission: Regulation of Australian Agriculture

NIC Submission to the South Australian AER reset process

NIC Submission to Queensland (Ergon) AER reset process

Australian Energy Markets Governance Arrangements

ACCC Water Charge Rules

Water Amendment Bill 2015 (1500GL cap)

Select Committee on the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Commonwealth on-farm further irrigation efficiency program (COFFIE)

NIC Submission Water Act 2007 Review

The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) Environmental Watering Strategy

Senate Inquiry into the cessation of the National Water Commission (Abolition) Bill 2014

NIC Response to the MDBA Evaluation Framework

Australian Government Energy Green Paper

Australian Government Review of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009

National Competition Policy Review

Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper

Senate Inquiry into the performance and management of electricity network companies

NIC Submission National Water Commission

NIC Submission Constraints Management Strategy 

NIC submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Water Act

Supplementary submission to the Regional Australia Committee

NIC Submission to the Senate Murray Darling Inquiry

NIC Submission to the Regional Australia Committee Inquiry

MDBA Guide Submission

Senate submission – Water (Crisis Powers and Floodwater Diversions) Bill

Submission to ACCC on GST on Termination Fees

Productivity Commission draft report on buyback – submission

National Water Initiative Planning and Management Guidelines submission

ACCC Water Trading Rules draft advice – submission

MDBA SDL Issues Paper Submission

Submission to Senate Environment Committee inquiry into Water Licensing

ACCC Water Trading Rules position paper – submission

Productivity Commission report on buyback – initial submission