New National Irrigators Council CEO Zara Lowien to Participate in
ABARES Outlook Conference

The National Irrigators Council is pleased to announce that its newly appointed CEO,
Zara Lowien, is looking forward to engaging in the upcoming annual ABARES
Outlook conference in Canberra this week. Mrs. Lowien will be a key participant in a
panel discussion focusing on the potential, challenges, and benefits of leveraging
the water market to improve environmental outcomes within the Murray Darling

The panel discussion will aim to address the risks associated with expanding the
involvement of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder in the temporary
water market. However, there is a strong emphasis on the potential for mutually
advantageous results for both communities and the environment through increased
participation. The goal is to start a conversation that not only recognises existing
obstacles but also sheds light on the opportunities for the Commonwealth
Environmental Water Office to pursue as they evolve as an organisation.

Recognising the advantages that the water market offers, the discussion aims to
delve deeper into these possibilities to ensure that all water users, including irrigators
and environmental stakeholders, are utilizing their water allocations efficiently and

The session featuring Mrs. Zara Lowien is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, at 1:45